Going back to our roots

For the 2016/17 season they will have an Under 18’s team for the first time since 1992.

Youth has been a big part of the Pilkington FC ethos since the 60’s when, under the guidance of Sammy Cottington, Ernie Swift and Ted Forshaw, the club successfully ran under 18’s and teams. Over the years the focus of the club has been to develop players so that they not only play for the senior sides at Pilkington but progress up the football pyramid. It is a tradition that the club is proud of and many links still exist with clubs at higher levels.

The ambition of the club is to bring back the vision and philosophy shown early on in the clubs history that was so successful in developing players for the senior sides right up to the early 90’s.

Peter Edwards, a club stalwart, will be managing the Under 18’s. With his proud history at the club through winning the title with the reserve team in 2008, Peter shows great promise in creating success for the new team. Bringing a team that he is already familiar with from Bleak Hill, his level 2 coaching with Youth Modules 1,2 and 3 and experience with Northern Ireland Elite Under 14’s squad it can only be expected that the Youth team at Pilkington will be an example of success.

Welcoming back a youth team to Pilkington is a highly regarded action as it takes the club back to where they belong with a mindset for youth achievement in football.