A Hard Fought Win at Home

Saturday 30th October

Pilkington v Garstang

NWCFL Division 1 North

3pm kick off

By: Callum McCarthy

A Hard-Fought Win at Home

Pilkington FC put in a solid performance against Bury AFC on Wednesday, up next was Garstang FC at the ArcOframe Stadium. A sunny yet windy afternoon at Ruskin Drive meant that the boys needed to work hard for 3 points. Straight from kick off, Callum Laird saw an opportunity to strike as he played a long ball over the defence, forced a corner but unfortunately the early chance was cleared. Just 4 minutes in, Callum Laird got the first goal of the game – the inform Deklan Hill sprinted down the line to put Laird on a plate as he tapped the ball home from six yards.  more chances for Pilk’s presented themselves but Adam Gilchrist nor Callum Laird could finish things off. Pilk’s used the line very well in the first half, however Phil Marsh couldn’t strike the ball past the keeper from outside the box. Garstang pulled one back in the 17th minute, Jacob Salisbury made the defence look silly – he dribbled past three players and slotted the ball into the net.  The game had levelled out by the 20th minute, more chances game from both teams – both Callum Laird and Daniel Birch blazed shots over the bar. Pilk’s kicked down the door of the Garstang defence and regained the lead after 27 minutes, Adam Gilchrist knocked the ball round the corner to Phil Marsh and he released a thunder bolt of a shot which was turned in by the Garstang keeper – a moment to forget for James Catlow.  Pilk’s often went backwards and got away with it massively. Laird was truly on fire as he won back the ball from the defence but his shot was saved again by Catlow.

Half Time was well needed for Pilk’s as they had to battle for everything. The second half, however, was more difficult.

The second half kicked off and Pilk’s already looked like they were struggling, the final ball was nowhere near good enough and Garstang began to retain possession.  the Glassmen went agonisingly close with a free kick. Marcus Giglio whipped a brilliant ball in for the keeper to save but the rebound couldn’t be cushioned in at the back post by Deklan Hill. At last, Pilk’s got another in the 61st minute to shatter Garstang hopes – Gilchrist delivered a fabulous ball into the box as he drove down the left-hand side, and Callum Laird was there once again to head the ball across the back post.  Pilk’s made a double change right after the goal – Adam Neill replaced Callum Laird and Adam Gilchrist made way for Kieran Curtis, fresh legs were definitely needed after a big 60 minutes. Curtis made an instant impact driving shots in left right and centre but none could trouble Catlow. A silly mistake from Pilk’s gave Garstang a penalty in the dying minutes which was converted by Zach Clark.  The boys were fortunately able to hold on until the last whistle and gain all 3 points.

Pilks now look towards Campion AFC on Saturday 6th November at Scotchman Road.

Starting XI:

  1. Andrew Heal
  2. Christopher Cottington
  3. Adam Howard
  4. Marcus Giglio
  5. Dean Curtis
  6. Gary Kenny
  7. Adam Gilchrist (C)
  8. Daniel Bate
  9. Callum Laird (MOTM) (15. Adam Neill ‘62’)
  10. Deklan Hill
  11. Phil Marsh (14. Kieran Curtis ‘62’)

Unused substitutes:

  1. Ellis Taylor
  2. Paul Watson