FA Rule 2.13
In accordance with the Football Association's Standardised Rule 2.13 (Publication of Ownership) in relation to Step 1 to Step 6 clubs within the National League System, Pilkington Football Club is a trading name of Pilkington St Helens Football Club Limited, a community benefit society registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, registration number 8354.

President: John Potter
Vice-president: Barry Meadows

Chairman: Jim Woodyer
Vice-chairman: Simon Taylor
Directors: Steve Dewsnip, Ken Palfrey, Paul Pinder, Darren Roberts, Simon Taylor, Jim Woodyer

Club Ambassador: Chris Foy

Secretary: Paul Pinder
Tel: 07789 917637 (M), E-mail: pjpinder68@sky.com

Juniors' Chairman: Darren Roberts
Tel: 07540 356312 (M), E-mail: darren.roberts@pilkingtonfc.com

Club Welfare Officer: Sam Taylor
Tel: 07507 019938 (M), E-mail: tjmillie@gmail.com

Community Officer & Assistant Club Welfare Officer: Nick Robinson
Tel: 07738 959903 (M), E-mail: nfr74@icloud.com

Covid-19 Officer: Keith Griffiths
Tel: 07562 489713 (M), E-mail: farringtonmoss5004@gmail.com

Daytime Emergency Contact: Paul Pinder Tel: 07789 917637

Ground: ArcOframe Stadium, Ruskin Sports Village, Ruskin Drive,
St. Helens WA10 6RP
Colours: All Green
Change: All Navy

Year formed: 1938
Year joined Cheshire Football League: 1981
Year joined North West Counties Football League: 2019