Characters are a key part in any club, but with our rich history spanning over 75 years we take pride in the people who have been a part of our club. From past players to managers we strongly believe that celebrating their role in our club is a fitting way do it - please enjoy the images below of some of the past characters at the Club - of course if you have any to share please email them us and we will upload them.

1950's - 1980's - John Potter Snr.

1960's - 1980's - Ian Lancaster

1960's - 1980's - Mick Tabern

1970'-1980's - Spudder Murph

1970's - 1980's - Alan 'Yocal' Matthews

1970's - 1980's - Phil Colquitt

1970's - 1980's - Cliff Pendlebury

1970's - 1980's - Alan Waine

1970's - 80's - Pax Jackson

1980's - Jimmy Fraser

1980's - Billy Fowler

1970's - mid 80's - John Moss - unfortunately passed away aged 21

1980's - 2000's - John Potter

2000's - Ken Dixon

1970's - present day - Baz Meadows