The Pilkington Women’s squad will be making their last game day of 2021 a Rainbow Laces day.

Some of the squad identify as part of the LGBTQI+ community and so the team are committed to celebrating individuality and raising awareness of the work still to be done to support the community in and around St Helens as well as the wider world.

To mark the day and our activity around it we spoke to a few of our players about what Rainbow Lace Day means for them:

Carla – “As a proud member of the LGBTQI+ community, I am delighted that we as a club have a safe space to shed light on the rainbow lace campaign. A team that not only supports but encourages diversity and inclusion for all.

Personally for me, football has always been a place to fully express myself, be that on or off the pitch surrounded by like minded individuals. We unfortunately live in a society where being LGBTQI+ is not something that is always received in a healthy or positive way. I hope that campaigns like this can aid future generations to understand and feel comfortable within their own skin, regardless of how they identify.

With people like myself who are out and proud and teammates who are brilliant allies, we will continue to be a safe place and a family to those who need it”

Rebecca – “As a proud member of the LGBTQI+ community, I’m proud of my club for supporting the Rainbow Laces campaign this year and shining the light on diversity and inclusion in our Pilkington FC Community.

Many members of our team identify as LGBTQI+ and the welcoming, supportive and friendly environment this team creates provides a safe space for our team members to enjoy the beautiful game without fear of judgement for being their true selves.

Football is a big part of our lives, not just for fitness and fun, but for the second family we have through being a part of this club. Happy Rainbow Laces Day.”

Abi – “It was through playing football and feeling welcomed into an LGBTQI+ supportive community that I began to feel comfortable with who I was and didn’t feel like an outsider. At Pilks, it is lovely to see the bond between the girls and how united we are as a family with everybody feeling included.

I am proud of my club for being a welcoming and accepting group, encouraging everyone to enjoy the game and be who they are, this is why we are supporting the Rainbow Laces campaign to raise awareness and support for LGBTQI+ players within the footballing world.”

Eleanor – “As an ally of the LQBTQI+ community, it instantly struck me when joining this team how supportive the female footballing world is of each other. Team members feel safe, confident and heard within this team and our league.

However, as a team we now want to push forward and promote how the whole club shares our ethos and offers a supportive environment to our LQBTQI+ friends.
This weekend we intend to show how proud we are of all our members by wearing the rainbow laces during our final match of 2021 to promote awareness and visibility of LQBTQI+ footballers.”
Please join us down at Ruskin Drive on Sunday 12th December at 1pm and cheer us on with PRIDE.